Somnus Poster 5

The crew of an ageing cargo ship are on their final mission working the monotonous Earth-Mars shipping route. Harry, the captain (Marcus McMahon), troubled by the loss of his wife, is faced with a series of malfunctions onboard, leaving the ship crippled and the engineer (Rohit Gohkani) dead.

Along with the pilot (Cullum Austin) they must divert to the safe haven of a nearby asteroid colony, Somnus. The promise of sanctuary soon disappears as they discover the inhabitants of Somnus to be a dangerous cult lead by a mysterious figure (Mac McDonald) with sinister designs on Earth.

This man describes an impending attack on Earth by a malevolent Alien race intent on extinguishing the destructive human race from the Galaxy. When these predictions start to become true, Harry is faced with a terrible decision, in a thrilling and thought provoking conclusion.

Duration: 90mins

Format: Red Cinema 4K


SOMNUS (2016) teaser from Chris Reading on Vimeo.

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