Feature film – Released 2016

The crew of an ageing cargo ship are on their final mission working the monotonous Earth-Mars shipping route. Harry, the captain (Marcus McMahon), troubled by the loss of his wife, is faced with a series of malfunctions onboard, leaving the ship crippled and the engineer (Rohit Gohkani) dead.

Along with the pilot (Cullum Austin) they must divert to the safe haven of a nearby asteroid colony, Somnus. The promise of sanctuary soon disappears as they discover the inhabitants of Somnus to be a dangerous cult lead by a mysterious figure (Mac McDonald) with sinister designs on Earth.

This man describes an impending attack on Earth by malevolent Aliens intent on extinguishing the destructive human race from the Galaxy. When these predictions start to become true, Harry is faced with a terrible decision, in a thrilling and thought provoking conclusion.

Duration: 90mins, Format: Red Cinema 4K

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